Preparation for OER11 – 12th April

The OSTRICH team will be presenting at the OER11 conference in Manchester on May 11th.

In preparation for the conference there have been regular virtual meetings in an attempt to flesh out the presentation. Although these have been useful, it was agreed that a good old fashioned face to face meeting was needed to finalise things.  Leicester kindly agreed to host Julian (Bath) and I (Derby) for the day.

The presentation changed dramatically during the day, with an evolution of the CORRE model becoming the underlying theme and a new diagram, DORRE, would be the presented as the final piece of the jigsaw. The outline of the presentation was established as the following…

  1. Early OER workflow models (Gabi)
  2. Brief intro to CORRE/ OTTER (Ale)
  3. CORRE model for converting existing materials into OERs – Derby (Sam)
  4. CORRE model – developing OERs from scratch (Julian)
  5. Next steps (Ale)
 Attached is a photo of a rough white board mock-up of the DORRE process…

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